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About Nirvana

Who We Are

Nirvana Technologies Enterprises Limited is a professional services organization founded in Kenya in 2010, as an umbrella corporation for several business ventures in the technological business verticals; core among being supply of Technical Education Training Systems and Corporate Automation Solutions.

Nirvana Technologies if fully committed to providing the best in quality and sustainable solutions for our educational, industrial and corporate sectors. In doing so, Nirvana Technologies has been able to forge partnerships with leading researchers and systems developers including Amatrol Industries, the top rated technical training systems manufacturer in Northern America, and EasyLobby Inc., the global leader in Visitor Management Solutions.

Nirvana Technologies is 100% owned and managed by a dedicated team of young professionals who share the common goal of supporting technological innovation; a core pillar stone in the drive towards achieving Africa’s Industrialization and Economic Goals!

Since its period of inception, Nirvana Technologies has grown rapidly and is developing into a world-class business, with excellent capabilities in delivering integrated solutions, systems management and technology consultancy in the converging markets of Information Communication Technology and Engineering. A compelling mission and vision continually drive us.


”To pioneer and offer World-Class technological and business solutions to our clients, entrenching our position as Global Technology Leaders.”


  • To provide our customers with innovative leadership in solutions and services aimed at making them successful, on the basis of competitive price, quality and reliability; bringing technology to all.
  • To develop and engineer sustainable solutions with the purpose of maintaining and conserving our environment through cost effective means.
  • To build and maintain a rich network of partners, clients and associates based on mutual trust and loyalty.


  • Provision of quality, affordable and reliable products, services and solutions to all our clients big or small.
  • We value all our employees and continuously strive to offer a conducive environment that will help bring out the best in them.
  • We believe in maintaining our network of clients by employing best practices in all modes of our interaction to ensure our customers are much more than just satisfied.
  • We believe in continuous research and innovation to ensure we keep abreast with the current market requirements.
  • We are Corporate Citizens who believe in continually maintaining and conserving our environment.


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