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EasyLobby Administrator

EasyLobby Administrator

SVM Administrator  Software -  Enterprise Administration

EasyLobby Administrator is an enterprise-class, central administration software console.  The Administrator software is installed on a Windows workstation (typically the security manager's computer), and provides all of the critical functionality for managing your EasyLobby visitor management system.


Administrator's award-winning features include:

  • Create and manage your organization's badge templates, by Category (these can also be different for each SVM badging station deployed in your facility)
  • Create and manage all of your User accounts for the guards or receptionists that will be operating the SVM badging software in each lobby
  • Setup and manage the automated, scheduled employee import process so that the drop down list on the SVM visitor form stays up to date (for indicating the employee)
  • Manage all settings and options on each SVM badging station from the central Administrator console
  • Setup and manage SVM's Kiosk (self-registration) mode
  • Manage each employee's access to eAdvance visitor preregistration application (for pre-registering visitors from the employee's or visitor’s own computer using a web interface)
  • Do real-time monitoring and reporting across the entire organization, or for specific Sites or badging stations
  • Print Employee ID cards

Licensing Terms:
One copy of Administrator comes free with each copy of the SVM application purchased. Additional copies of Administrator Software can be purchased as required for a nominal fee.

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