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EasyLobby SVM

Easylobby Secured Visitor Management System (SVM) is the New-Age Electronic Visistor Management Solution that features the integration of System Hardware coupled with Robust Software to perform registration and tracking of visitors within your organizations premises; whether a single building or multiple sites! Read More…

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EasyLobby SVM Software  - Main Badging Application

EasyLobby's SVM (Secure Visitor Management) software has rapidly become the defacto standard in providing corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare and property management customers with the most feature-rich, yet easy-to-use visitor management capabilities.

SVM is installed on a Windows workstation or Kiosk, typically in the lobby, along with any combination of desired hardware peripherals, such as a license scanner, badge printer, camera, signature capture pad, etc.


EasyLobby SVM's award-winning features include:

  • Enterprise-class scalability - from a single system to hundreds of SVM workstations can share a central database (SQL Server, Oracle or MSDE) enabling centralized visitor tracking across different entrance/exit points, building or geographical locations
  • Manage Visitors, Employee time and attendance, Mail/Packages, Assets and Parking Lots from a single application
  • Automatically capture visitor data from a passport, ID, smart drivers license or business card
  • Capture multiple signatures for each Visitor, Package or Asset
  • Capture multiple photos for each Visitor and Employee record
  • Print Visitor and Employee badges in full color or black and white, by Category
  • Integrated Custom Badge designer to augment hundreds of built-in templates
  • Comprehensive Watch List feature for monitoring black listed individuals.
  • Robust bar code functionality to automate check in and check out at individual SVM and Satellite stations, with support for wireless scanners
  • Multiple, programmable security alerts with email notification for visited employees.
  • Customizable self-registration/Kiosk mode for unattended visitor registration and badging, with pre-registration enforcement, barcode check in and check out, and access control integration to control entry
  • Dynamically updated Grid views for Visitors, Employees, Packages and Assets
  • Broad range of pre-defined Crystal Reports, with wizard for custom reports
  • Enterprise-class, central administration via our Administrator program
  • 24 user definable fields for Visitor, Employee, Package and Asset forms
  • Complete control over visitor form fields, including renaming labels and tabs, show/hide, enable/disable, setting required fields and data capture from ID scans
  • Create and manage your own lists for Visit Reasons, Visitor Categories, Clearances and more.
  • Seamless integration with over 30 of the leading access control systems for providing certain visitors with customized card access from the SVM interface.
  • Import employee list(s) from any ODBC database or Active Directory, with auto scheduling and updating.
  • Flexible data import and export functions
  • Support for single sign on, with hooks for alternative authentication methods.

Licensing Terms:
SVM is licensed on a per workstation basis. For customers with a large number of facilities, site licensing is available

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