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.Biometric Time & Attendance.

Biometric Time & Attendance

With timeQplus Biometric time and attendance solution, you can enjoy the benefits of an automated employee time tracking system with the added convenience and security of biometric (fingerprint) authentication. The timeQplus Biometric solution features time and...

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.Visitor Management System.

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System Nirvana Technologies Enterprises Limited, the Regional Representative of EasyLobby Inc. is proud to introduce to Africa the Premiere Visitor Management Solution; the award-winning EasyLobby SVM (Secure Visitor Management)! EasyLobby SVM provides these comprehensive functionalities: Enterprise-class...

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.EasyLobby SVM Hardware.

EasyLobby SVM Hardware

EasyLobby SVM Hardware HARDWARE COMPONENTS EasyLobby SVM supports many of the most popular peripherals used to automatically capture visitor information and print high quality, professional-looking badges. i.)The ScanShell 1000 This is a combination Passport/License/Card Scanner, which performs OCR on...

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.Mobile Wireless Solutions.

Mobile Wireless Solutions

Mobile Wireless Solutions Many building today feature guard gates, guard shacks, and loading docks where vehicles and visitors enter, SVM’s suite of Mobile Wireless solutions make it easier and more efficient to process visitors in these...

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.Self Registration Kiosks.

Self Registration Kiosks

Self-Registration Kiosks SVM (Secure Visitor management) includes a very robust and configurable "Kiosk" or self-registration mode for those customers who have an unattended lobby area or who wish to have visitors register themselves using a Kiosk-type,...

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.Employee Time & Attendance Management.

Employee Time & Attendance Management

Employee Time and Attendance Management SVM can be used to keep track of Employee Time & Attendance by scanning their SVM Bar-coded Employee badges or their employee Proximity Cards during their check-in and check-out from the...

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