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RFID Document Management & Tracking


RFID is used in management and tracking of Documents, Files, folders and Boxes  wherever important documents need to be accounted for or protected against counterfeiting. Single Documents can be tracked in real time even when they are stacked tightly in folders, cabinets, shelves, archive boxes or in-trays - no misplaced or misfiled documents anymore.

Document management systems require the reliable monitoring of important unique documents which move around in companies, public or legal offices: on desks, in shelves, in cabinets and in archives.

Only our RFID technology has the capability to identify, read and write to all RFID tags/labelled documents when they stack without any separation - even in stacks of many hundreds.


The Problem

Documents are not always available when they are needed. They can be misfiled, or simply misplaced by the recipient. A method of knowing who had the last point of contact with the document would ensure the availability of documents at all times.

Also finding folders and files outside the “system” is difficult without a means of tracking the document outside the archive zone.

An added benefit would be the ability to rapidly find archived documents, and provide audit reports on the location of documents if needed.


The Process

All official documents enter the department at a single point where they are security checked. The documents are all catalogued and then sent to the appropriate clerical staff.

The staff then controls the documents, ensuring that they are sent to the appropriate people and ensuring that they come back into the archive after meetings, etc.

The Solution

  • A secure database system is installed in the department to record access to documents.
  • The database has security levels appropriate to the needs of the department.
  • The system records an audit trail of the document and the people that have handled or made requests   for the document.

Key System Benefits

  • Documents can be easily located at any time.
  • Audit trail reports are available to show the track of the document.
  • Fast archival procedures allow for easy recall of documents sent to archives.
  • Huge reduction in downtime searching for documents.

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