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Mobile Wireless Solutions

Mobile Wireless Solutions

Many building today feature guard gates, guard shacks, and loading docks where vehicles and visitors enter, SVM’s suite of Mobile Wireless solutions make it easier and more efficient to process visitors in these environments.

Whether in a manufacturing plant, a warehousing and distribution facility, a gated community, or a loading dock, these mobile solutions provide a better set of options for improving security through better vehicle and visitor management.

SVM Mobile

Uses & Benefits

  • Ideal for guard gate and guard shack deployments
    (high security facilities, warehousing and distribution
    facilities, manufacturing and power generating plants,
    gated communities, etc.)
  • Perform fast data capture and check-in at the vehicle
    window; avoid multiple trips to/from the guard shack
  • Very easy to learn and use

Symbol MC9090 Featuressvm_mobile

  • Wireless (802.11 a/b/g) handheld computer
    with SVM Mobile software pre-installed
  • Integrated driver’s license reading (2d barcode and
    magstripe), with authentication (US and Canada)
  • Integrated barcode scanning (for quick check out or to
    capture barcode number to a field)
  • Full keypad (53 keys)
  • Integrated signature capture
  • Extremely rugged
  • Gate control option (for opening gates that are not
    controlled by a centralized access control system)

Satellite Mobile

Uses and Benefits

  • Ideal for checking and enforcing clearances to restricted areas with a quick barcode scan of the visitor badge
  • For those with the proper clearance, the device captures arrival and departure time to/from the area
  • Eliminates the need for a full workstation with power and network connectivity (wired)
  • Can also be used for wireless Check Out at or near an exit point
  • Very easy to learn and use

Symbol MC70 Features satellite_mobile

  • Wireless (802.11b) handheld computer with SVM Satellite Mobile
  • Integrated barcode scanning
  • Alpha-numeric keypad
  • Rugged

Package Mobile

Uses and Benefits

  • Allows you to deliver packages to employees, tenants, etc... wherever they are located
  • Capture multiple signatures for each package received and delivered
  • Does not require wireless networking throughout your facility
  • PDA automatically syncs data to/from your EasyLobby Package database when placed in its cradle
  • Very easy to learn and use

Symbol MC70 Features satellite_mobile

  • Wireless (802.11b) handheld computer with SVM  Package Mobile software pre-installed
  • Integrated barcode scanning
  • Alpha-numeric keypad
  • Rugged


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