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Paper Log Problem

The Paper Log Problem

Archaic Visitor Paper Logs – an out-dated solution

In most organizations and Government offices in Africa today, visitors scribble their details on a paper guest book and have their identification documents retained until check-out.  Whereas this is considered the traditional way of visitor check-in, there is no way of;

  • Knowing if the name and ID/PASSPORT on the record is legitimate.
  • Backing up the records after the book fills up.
  • Knowing if the lobby attendants scrutinize the visitor professionally.
  • Checking if the visitor is cross listed from the accepted visitor list.
  • Checking the history/reports of previous visits by the guest.
  • Ensuring that the handwriting of the visitor is legible.
  • Ensuring the held ID/PASSPORT of the visitor is not mistakenly lost or misplaced.


All these unwanted factors combined may turn your Visitor Management scheme into a disorganized and tedious task with negative effects on your employee and customer experiences. NOT ANY LONGER!!

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